The Fear of Wine...(or Not) - RedWhite
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The Fear of Wine…(or Not)

The Fear of Wine…(or Not)

What can I say, getting to know wine is like courtship… beautiful, sexy, spicy and sometimes you just don’t know what to expect until you give it a shot. Finding the one (or style) for you is a journey and like a proper relationship, sometimes you will not know how to appreciate a good one, unless you have tried the really bad ones.

For me and some of you out there, wine and I used to be very distant individuals on this planet. It was always kinda awkward, too overwhelming and probably a little too out of pocket as well. Perhaps you had similar experiences before when a Waiter (French ones are more stressful) hands you a Wine Menu in front of your many guests and then the expectation sets in, while he/she waits for you to make an excellent choice among 100 options that would pair and sit perfect with the palettes of all your guest. Or perhaps you may have found yourself at wine events trying to “spar” with other wine enthusiast and experts while constantly trying to keep your head out of the water and not embarrass yourself too much.

For many years (and sometimes still do) have the fear of wine.

But you know, like courtship… maybe wine felt the same way about you too and was hoping that you make the first move. I’m sure you have heard this phrase before: “That the fear of something is often worse than the actual thing”. So to everyone out there who are like me… I hope to encourage you leave the fear of wine behind, and to take a step forward towards this great journey, knowing always that you are not alone.



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